Magician’s Wife Coffee – Brazilian


16 oz of fresh roasted Brazilian coffee.

Notes of Milk Chocolate, Granola, Raisin

If you favor chocolate notes without the acidity often present in coffee, you’ll love this one. It’s subtle, but strong. We’ve done a light roast on this so you can enjoy the most flavor. Light doesn’t mean less caffeine, however. This will wake you up, no doubt!

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Our Brazilian coffee is a blend of 100% Cerrado region coffees from 12 producers. The coffee was purchased at farm-gate and processed by Volcafe Santos, in their facility in Varginha, Minas Gerais.

The natural process means ripe and raisin cherries are collected, cleaned and separated by weight at washing stations. The pre-drying process occurs under the sun between 2 to 7 days or more (farmers favor full sun dried process whenever possible) and finalized in mechanical driers followed by 30 days of resting in wood boxes to homogenize the dry coffee.

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Weight 16 oz


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