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Magician. Illusionist. Mentalist. Awesome.

Welcome to the home of Magician and Mentalist, Grant Price. Grant has performed across the United States for over 15 years, mesmerizing audiences everywhere he goes. He will enthrall you with his unique style of impossible mind reading and magic. He will read your mind, influence your behavior, and predict the outcome of even the smallest decisions. Don’t worry, through all the chaos, he’ll make everything right again.  Grant knows what you’re thinking, where you’ve been, your father’s name, your hobbies — Everything. You think it, he knows it.

Don’t blink, don’t think. He’s MENTAL.

Grant’s show, MENTAL, comes highly recommended from both magicians and audiences alike. Check out our shows page to find out how Grant can make your next event the most memorable of the year, then head over to our Booking page to begin your MENTAL journey.

Want to see Grant in action? Hit up our Media page for clips of his performances.

Why Magician Grant Price?

He’s a really nice guy.

People like his hair.

He’s magic


Grant has been performing magic for twelve years of his life.  With so much time to perfect and develop his shows, he has become one of the most unique presenters of magic you have ever seen.  Grant incorporates two distinct traits into his shows that most performers do not.  First, Grant uses an entirely impromptu style of comedy in his show.  No two of his shows are alike.  Grant employs what he calls “circumstantial humor” in his shows to provide his audiences with a different experience each time they witness one of his performances.  Second, Grant uses only the most mind-blowing and unexplainable magic in his shows.  Grant grew up watching magicians who he considered to be mediocre.  Many shows that he observed consisted of simple magic tricks that any 7 year old child could figure out.  As a result, Grant decided early on in his career that he would not become one of those magicians.  He strives to create and perform magic that will leave even the sharpest of minds baffled.

Is Magician Grant Price as Good as We Claim?

Perhaps we are simply talking up Grant’s magic ability.  Don’t only take our word for it; Check out our testimonials below to read what everyone else is saying about him.  Grant’s clients have included organizations like Pine Cove, East Texas Medical Center, and Oak Cliff Bible Church.


  • I’ve seen Grant perform on stage and in walk-around scenarios. In short, he is shockingly good. The quality of his magic and his presentation are unlike anything else I’ve seen in person. I can’t recommend him more highly.

    Chad Barnes
  • Grant’s show is extremely entertaining! His talent and personality blend together to create a humorous, yet intriguing magic show. There were times where I was laughing hysterically and others where I exclaimed, ‘How did he just do that?’ It truly was impressive!

    Chris Drake
  • There was quite a bit of buzz after Grant’s performance and many student’s expressed he was their favorite part of the weekend. We’d have him back in a heartbeat.

    Richard Kerry
  • Very entertaining! His humor and skills engage the audience and leave you with wonder and wanting more.

    Chris Jones
  • Grant Price did an exceptional job. Grant engaged the audience with his humor and inviting demeanor and then wowed the audience with truly remarkable illusions. I was on the front row and he left me saying ‘How in the world did he do that?’ Grant’s a pro.

    Matt Tuggle
  • Grant’s show was perfect… I would highly recommend Grant for any age group.

    Adam Southern
  • Exceptionally gifted entertainer. I was mesmerized!

    Mike Wierick

    Fielder Church

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