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Everyone needs a break from the ordinary now and again

Make Your Audience Feel Valued

Hiring Magician and Mentalist Grant Price provides a show that communicates appreciation to your employees. Two-thirds of workers do not feel appreciated. 80% of employees say that they would stay longer in their respective jobs if they felt more valued within it. Focusing on your employees is focusing on the bottom line. Study after study shows that a valued employee is a productive employee. Providing an entertainment experience that grows your company closer together will increase revenues and improve your office culture. While being entertained, your staff will also get to know one another better – fostering a culture of tight-knit relationships across departments that boosts office morale. Click below to hire Grant Price today!

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Grant Price Reads You Like A Book

Performing throughout the United States since 2003, Grant Price mesmerizes your audience. His unique style of impossible mind reading and magic will leave you scrambling to pick up your jaw off the floor. He will read your mind, influence your behavior, and predict the outcome of even the smallest decisions. Don’t worry, though he knows your social, bank account, and phone number, he can keep a secret. Grant knows what you’re thinking, where you’ve been, your father’s name, your hobbies — Everything.
You think it, he knows it.

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