The Magician Your Audience Will Love (and Love You For)

Clean. Funny. Mind Blowing.

The Magician Your Audience Will Love (& LOVE YOU FOR)

Clean. Funny. Mind Blowing.

Magician Grant Price's Happy Clients

Southwest Airlines Magician Grant Price
Mentalist Grant Price Entertains Chick Fil A
Corporate magician who entertains the U.S. Air Force
Mind Reader Grant Price at Texas A&M
Luke Bryan Hires Magician Grant Price

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Magician to make your audience happy




There Is a problem

Magician helps your event succeed

Your upcoming event is not yet complete

Magician helps keep stress low

Searching for entertainment is time-consuming

Your audience deserves high quality entertainment

Like you, Magician Grant Price measures event success by the smiles of your guests

years performing

people entertained

You crushed it. You were honest, humble, and entertaining... Everyone just loved it and had a blast!

Josh Paine

CEO, World Ventures

People were blown away... a truly unique experience that we all shared in and will remember for years. It was the perfect way to start our week!

James Maclean

President & CEO, Geoforce

How to get Magician Grant Price at your event

Check Mentalist Grant Price Availability

Fill out a booking request

What, Where, & When

Magician call

Talk to Grant

Get a call from Magician Grant Price

Magician great event!

Schedule the show

Make your audience happy

Hiring the wrong magician is costly

Magician won't offend

Don’t get stuck with entertainment that is impersonal or offensive

Don't doom your event

You don’t want an unhappy boss, bored guests, or a lame event

Magician won't embarrass you

Don’t hire someone who will embarrass you or your reputation

When you book Magician Grant Price, you get

Fill Your Entertainment Tank - Magician Grant Price

A Well Rounded, Successful, and Butt-Kicking Event

Magician Grant Price - An Event Reputation Maker

A Reputation as THE event planning pro!

Rest assured when you know you book Magician Grant Price

No more stress, knowing entertainment is covered

The perfect fit for your event - Mind Reader Grant Price

The right entertainment piece for your audience

Make Your Audience Happy with Dallas Magician Grant Price

Happy Audience

Corporate Magician Grant Price

Minds Blown

Make your audience laugh with a comedy magician

Hilarious Comedy

Make Your Event Stand Out with a Magician and Mentalist

Stand Out At Your Job

Magician Grant Price – Your Best Event Yet

Imagine hosting the perfect event; one in which your attendees are engaged and amazed by Magician Grant Price from the moment they walk in the door. All because you prioritized the utmost experience for your audience with professional entertainment. Quality entertainment will be interactive, mind blowing, and hilarious. When Grant Price works with you, his top priority is to make you look good by helping you impress your company, make your audience happy, and have a butt-kicking event.

Magician Grant Price Helps You Crush Your Event

Performing throughout the United States since 2003, Grant Price mesmerizes your audience. His unique style of impossible mind reading and magic will leave you scrambling to pick up your jaw off the floor. He will read your mind, influence your behavior, and predict the outcome of even the smallest decisions. Don’t worry, though he knows your social, bank account, and phone number, he can keep a secret. Grant knows what you’re thinking, where you’ve been, your father’s name, your hobbies — Everything.
You think it, he knows it.