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All-Inclusive, Corporate Entertainment That Covers Your Whole Event

Corporate Magician Grant Price’s show is an incredible touring act that dazzles corporate clients like Texas A&M University, Texas Health Resources, and the Dallas Cowboys. Grant Price’s performance is interactive, mind-blowing, and hilarious entertainment.

Grant’s all-inclusive entertainment can cover an entire event, beginning with up-close sleight-of-hand magic performed while guests arrive, then those amazed guests watch as he takes to the stage with his full theatrical mind-reading show. Grant can provide his own staging and audio, or utilize the facilities of a given venue, making his appearance a turn-key booking.

Grant Price is the perfect addition to your next conference, staff training, client appreciation, trade show, holiday party, or team building event. Click below to get a call from him!

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Grant has plenty of lessons to share about the way we interact with each other and how our attitudes can affect the people we come across. In his show, Grant explains how we are all capable of mind reading and how to use that in order to better the lives of family members, fellow employees, and customers. He will keep your audience fully engaged until the curtains close. Grant’s combination of humor, magic, and mind reading will be the perfect combination to capture the attention of your company and enrich their lives. Read below to learn more about how Grant can enrich your company with professional development seminars.

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Bad Memory? Corporate Magician Grant Price Can Help

Trying (and failing) to remember a person’s name is embarrassing. It makes a bad first impression. It’s awkward. It appears cold or apathetic. It can feel like there is no solution.


The LIE: “If I can’t remember names now, I never will. I just have a bad memory.”

The TRUTH: You don’t have a bad memory, you just haven’t learned the right trick… yet.


Many people believe they simply have a ‘bad memory’. Corporate Magician Grant Price was exactly where you are. Grant struggled to remember names for years, despite his best efforts. As a mentalist, he finally learned the secret to recall ANY name.

Learn the simple secret of mentalism so that you can recall people’s names with ease. Grant will reveal his trick so that you can avoid embarrassment and gain the confidence that comes with knowing a person’s name every time.

Forgetting Names Is Normal, Don’t Be Normal

You hear it all the time, “I’m sorry, what’s your name again?” It’s normal. Most people can’t remember a person’s name to save their life. Many have tried, but sheer wrote memory won’t do the trick. When you talk about improving your memory, many people bring up words like “Mnemonics” or “Mind Palace”. It sounds daunting, like something you could never learn.

Here’s the good news, Corporate Mentalist Grant Price has taken what was once known to be extremely difficult and simplified it. He calls it the C.A.R.E. method. With Grant’s method, you don’t have to be a genius – in fact, you can have a below-average memory (like Grant does) and use this method. As soon as you learn the C.A.R.E. method, you will begin to stand out from your competition, gain confidence, and boost sales.