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Grant, you crushed it. You were honest, humble, and entertaining… Everyone just loved it and had a blast!

Josh Paine

CEO, World Ventures

People were blown away… a truly unique experience that we all shared in and will remember for years. It was the perfect way to start our week!

James Maclean

President & CEO, Geoforce

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The Fort Worth Magician Who Makes Your Audience The Star

What’s the difference between a movie and Grant’s Fort Worth Magic show? Thor won’t ever invite you to be part of the show. Fort Worth Magician Grant Price has crafted a show for your audience, about your audience. What follows is an hour of entertainment that gets your audience involved while blowing their minds. With Grant’s quick-witted improv comedy and unbelievable skill in mind reading, your audience will enjoy an amazing, funny, and clean show that is centered around them. Your audience will thank you for months to follow. Make it happen. Request a show.

Fort Worth Magician Grant Price Reads You Like A Book

Performing throughout the United States since 2003 for countless clients, including Sundance Square and Strittmatter Wealth Management. Grant Price mesmerizes your audience by reading their tells and, thereby, their minds. His unique style of impossible mind reading and magic will leave you scrambling to pick up your jaw off the floor. He will read your mind, influence your behavior, and predict your actions. See a sample of the show here.